True Sol Innovations

You've got the power

The Experience
Infinite Solar Run Time
Infinite Solar Run Time
  • True Solís patent-pending technology optimizes, regulates, and delivers infinite power in the sun.
  • Direct power from the sun to any USB device: Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, cameras, Kindle, Flip, etc.
  • A green light in our logo shows that the Sun is providing power.
  • Advanced, high-output flexible solar panels produce power when sunlight is available, even when it is cloudy.
  • When you are not taking power, True Sol automatically stores it. No switches, settings, or management required.
Grid Access
Grid Access
  • If Mother Nature is not cooperating with your schedule (no time in the sun), then use the integrated wall plug to power the system.
  • When you are plugged into the grid, True Sol passes power directly to your device and simultaneously charges the Power Vault for later use.
  • No need to carry the various wall adaptors for your many handheld devices.
Power Vault
Power Vault
  • Our Power Vault will protect the energy youíve stored so it is available days, weeks, or months later.
  • The internal battery stores power from the Sun (automatically Ė no user action required) as well as from the grid if you plug in.
  • Comes standard with a 2AHr battery, enough to recharge a typical phone twice in the dark. You can upgrade to a 4AHr battery, twice as much stored power.